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The church clock strikes 6 pm – time for us to go to the stable!


  • We need to feed our animals and milk our cows.
  • Which cow will give the largest amount of milk today?
  • Whose turn is it to feed milk to the little calf?
  • Have the chicken laid a lot of eggs today? Then they will receive some extra grains to reward them.
  • The pony must be groomed and taken for a walk. The goat absolutely wants to come, too.
  • The rabbits and guinea pigs need some fresh dandelion to chew on, and the pig is waiting for yesterday’s spaghetti leftovers and for fresh courgettes from the farmers’ garden.
  • Maybe farmer Norbert will take you for a ride on the tractor?
  • The tank containing the fresh milk must be brought to the collecting point.
  • And the newly born calf doesn’t have a name yet. Can you think of a name for it?

There is always a lot to do and to discover on our farm, for all our small guests as well as for the grownups.

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